Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Summer Morning...

Summertime is my favorite time of the year because a) it means I get to have my babies all home with me all the time and b) we are very strict about keeping our summers no-schedule and no-routine (with the exception of church and of course the hubs still works). On the days my hubs is off we like to make breakfast at least once during the week. Our family meals together are my favorite. The six of us around a dining table means there's always lots of laughter, jokes, movie quotes, sarcasm and of course, eating! :)

This photo pretty much says it all. (As always, click to enlarge)

And here's a snapshot of the kitchen from my desk; I've changed a few minor things since the last time I shared a photo. I'm always moving things around and changing my mind, so this won't be the last time something changes. I added a little "coffee station" and moved the mixer over to the corner. It looks much better and now with the K-cup drawer beside the Keurig instead of under it, the Keurig can be scooted all the way against the wall and still have room under the cabinets to open up all the way to place a K-cup inside. 

I'm excited to share more recipes with you guys soon. Now that we aren't go-go-go (repeat times infinity) like we are during the school year, I'll actually have time to blog! (gasp!)

Have a great day!

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